About The Mall Owner


Mr. Ibrahim Shwany

Mall Owner


 Mr. Ibrahim Shwany (born 14.03.1965 in Arbil) is from a cultural and

 religious family. Today is Mr. Ibrahim married and are father of three

 children. His interest in the property and sport started in early age. When

 Mr. Ibrahim was 18, he was one of Arbil's best handball players. As a child

 he had big dreams of becoming a construction engineer and in 1990, this dream

 came true after he completed his education at Salahadin University.

 In 1993 Ibrahim moved to Holland and there he worked hard for a better and a

 more bright future. He decided to build a shopping mall in Arbil in 2006, and

 because of that he moved back from Holland to Arbil again. Mr. Ibrahim is today

 the owner of one of Iraq's largest shopping center, named Tablo Mall named after

 the daughter's name "Tablo".